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School Called Off? Inside STEM Activities for Kids!

Minimize Screen Time With These Snow Day STEM activities First of all – I hope everybody is staying safe and warm in these crazy arctic temperatures! While the kids couldn’t be happier for this snow/ice/cold day, they don’t have to miss out on learning! Are they already bored? Are you wondering what you’re going to do …

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The Benefits of a Mixed Classroom

Key Benefits of a Mixed Classroom The benefits of a mixed classroom far outweigh the concerns about a mixed classroom by age. As parents are worried about how kids will adjust to a new situation or meeting new kids. When those kids are older we worry how much they will influence our child. Or, will …

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Get Charged Engineering Club

In Classroom Antics Get Charged Engineering Club, students learn about all kinds of electrical devices. From toys to smartphones, they discover all the ways electricity advances our world. Students gain a full understanding of what kind of work Electrical Engineers go through to design helpful devices. They use energy efficiently in Get Charged by doing …

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amazing architects amazing architects after-school Club

Amazing Architects After-School Club

In Amazing Architects after-school club, kids explore our structurally engineered world through model builds and a pretend economy. Have you ever wondered what goes into designing a building or bridge? These structures used every day must be strong enough and efficient enough to get our tasks done. Each week, students learn, discuss, and think about …

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Camp of the Week: Video Game Design Arcade Generation

Is your son or daughter always on the computer playing games? Take it to the next level by putting that passion for video games to use. At Classroom Antics, we’re all about turning consumers into creators! Transform your child’s love for video games into a future education or career path with Video Game Design Arcade …

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