BLACK FRIDAY Registration for the 2024 Camp Season Opens November 24th!


BLACK FRIDAY Registration for the 2024 Camp Season Opens November 24th!

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Get Charged Engineering Club

In Classroom Antics Get Charged Engineering Club, students learn about all kinds of electrical devices. From toys to smartphones, they discover all the ways electricity advances our world.


Students gain a full understanding of what kind of work Electrical Engineers go through to design helpful devices. They use energy efficiently in Get Charged by doing a number of hands-on activities. Kids learn what goes on inside electronic devices. This includes how circuits, switches, and batteries all work together to create light, movement, and sound, by building a no-wire circuit. With that knowledge, students build games and create art with robots. They explore sending messages to the other students across the room using only light and sound. They even create a propeller car!

Get Charged Engineering Club lets students learn how electricity works. Also, they discover how they can use it to get tasks done. While it may be something we take for granted, electricity powers almost everything we do. Which is why we want to make sure we are creating the next generation of Electrical Engineers. Without these critical individuals, how will we keep moving forward? It is key to introduce kids to electrical engineering early so they can build on their STEM skills. Something they definitely get the chance to do in our Get Charged Engineering Club.