VIRTUAL CLUBS Check out our newly released virtual clubs, limited spots available!


VIRTUAL CLUBS Check out our newly released virtual clubs, limited spots available!

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Camp of the Week: Video Game Design Arcade Generation

Is your son or daughter always on the computer playing games? Take it to the next level by putting that passion for video games to use. At Classroom Antics, we’re all about turning consumers into creators! Transform your child’s love for video games into a future education or career path with Video Game Design Arcade Generation.

Campers will get their own laptop for the week, provided by us. They’ll learn the entire video game creation process, including development of characters, making rooms, designing background and whole environments, and adding music and sound effects. After creating multiple video games, they’ll get to play each other’s projects and help one another with game decisions. At the end of the week, every camper takes home a provided USB to keep their creations, play it and show their family and friends!


Kids will create their video games with the software GameMaker. With this software, campers can not only design their own games, but integrate innovative game play, such as adding an efficient tools doc and the ability to edit detailed story lines. Campers love the power to personalize their video games and will be inspired by all the opportunities the software offers.


Incite your child’s excitement for learning and enthusiasm to create through Video Game Design Arcade Generation Camp! Turn that love for video games into motivation for future. Our summer tech camps are taught by professional educators in the school systems, and there are 12 kids per class, allowing for maximum learning and socializing opportunity. To sign up your child at one of our Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus or Detroit day camps, click here today!