NEWS Limited Number of Seats Available. Register for Camp Today!


NEWS Limited Number of Seats Available. Register for Camp Today!

21 Oct

From Camp to Career — Alumni Charlie Rose

Ten years ago, in the summer of 2011, Charlie Rose attended his first Classroom Antics camp in Willoughby Hills. Little did he know that week was going to launch a career from what he learned in camp.


21 Jun

Stop Motion Animation for Kids

This summer, your kids can become more lovers of stop motion animation, they can become creators of their own stop motion animations.


5 Jul

Top 10 Colleges to Study Animation in the U.S.

“Animation offers a medium of storytelling and visual entertainment which can bring pleasure and information to people of all ages everywhere in the world.” -Walt Disney   According to the Princeton Review, “It is challenging to achieve the level of professionalism expected in this industry (animation) without study.” This is why children as young as […]


5 May

A Stop Motion Animation Made With Transformers Source: A Stop Motion Animation Made Entirely With Transformers Toys – Digg


4 Oct

What is Stop-Motion Animation?

  Making a Stop-Motion   To really learn what stop-motion animation is, you have to understand what goes into it. Most stop-motion begins with an object. Objects can be just about anything, but most often, they can be repositioned or moved easily. Often animators use clay, puppets, LEGOs, or people. Regardless of the object, the […]


6 Dec

Difference Between Stop-Motion and Time-Lapse Video

Stop-Motion vs. Time Lapse what is the difference. They both are movies made to look like steps are taken out. Yet, each one has their own way of making their magic happen. Let’s take a look at what makes each different.   Stop-Motion Makes it Look Easy   I saw this video today and loved […]


27 Apr

Pirates! Movie Made with Stop Motion Pro … Your Kid Can Do It

If your kids are like mine, they love going to the movies and seeing the latest animated release. Well, this weekend they will be in for a real treat with the latest stop motion animation feature Pirates! Band of Misfits.   This film is an Aardman production. In addition, Aardman is the same maker of Wallace […]


28 Mar

Rotoscoping in Stop-Motion Animation

When you think of rotoscoping in stop-motion, think of the last cover band that you heard. Maybe it was really bad, or maybe it was amazing.  Either way, it probably sounded something like the original but they likely added their own spin. When rotoscoping, a stop motion animator uses pre-existing film footage from an old […]