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Difference Between Stop-Motion and Time-Lapse Video

Stop-Motion vs. Time Lapse what is the difference. They both are movies made to look like steps are taken out. Yet, each one has their own way of making their magic happen. Let’s take a look at what makes each different.


Stop-Motion Makes it Look Easy


I saw this video today and loved how simple and convincing this stop-motion video made raking your yard look. It was beautifully thought out. Undoubtedly using a storyboard.


The main character raking had to move all the leaves and stand with his rake in a certain spot between every picture frame used in the stop-motion short clip. The lack of sound takes nothing away from how cool this is.

Time Lapse is not Stop-Motion


Time Lapse is the process of taking many still pictures from the same viewpoint, over a set period of time, whereas the time between frame shots is consistent, to give the illusion of time passing quickly.

Can You Tell the Difference?


The stop-motion video has still pictures taken at specific times after the raker moved more leaves. The time-lapse video is on a timer to take shots no matter where the raker was.


Stop-Motion and Time-Lapse video, are very different. Stop-Motion has forced-inconsistent time between frames, while time-lapse has consistent time between frames.


Which do you think is more time-consuming to make, time-lapse or stop-motion video? If you guessed stop-motion, you’re right. Each frame in that type of video is in real-time. Comparatively, time-lapse video frames are automatically taken and sped up.


Start Making Movies Today


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