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Pirates! Movie Made with Stop Motion Pro … Your Kid Can Do It

If your kids are like mine, they love going to the movies and seeing the latest animated release. Well, this weekend they will be in for a real treat with the latest stop motion animation feature Pirates! Band of Misfits.


This film is an Aardman production. In addition, Aardman is the same maker of Wallace and Gromit. Both of these amazing stop motion films were produced with Stop Motion Pro. Consequently, Stop Motion Pro the same software used in our Stop Motion Animation Tech Camps.


Pirates! Band of Misfits is the most elaborate stop motion feature film in history. The movie features the advancements in stop motion technology with superior animation visualization tools, found in Stop Motion Pro. As a result, the animators were able to receive instant feedback as they created their animation. It was due to this instant feedback that the animators were able to be so detailed in their animations.


Your Child Can Learn Stop Motion Technology


While it may take a few years and a team of other people for your child to develop a blockbuster movie such as Pirates! That being said, you have to start somewhere. Your child will have access to the same professional, quality, reliable stop motion technology used for these movies in our Brick Flick Stop-Motion Animation Camp. In this camp, kids will learn all the elements of film production while producing multiple stop-motion films.


Click on the image below view a trailer of the film and a sample of what can be done with Stop Motion Animation Technology.