What are STEAM Camps?

STEAM camps are a collection of in-person summer camp programs that focus on science, technology, engineering, art, and math.

Each of our camps focuses on a key subject area like coding, game making, stop-motion animation, Minecraft coding, and YouTube video production. However, each of them focuses on multiple areas of STEAM. For example, our Brick Flicks Stop Motion Animation Camp teaches kids how to use technology like webcams, computers, and audio files. Also, it has an element of art because each movie is a creative expression of the child’s imagination. Finally, there is also some math as kids learn about frames per second and sequencing, etc.

How are STEAM camps offered?

What makes our STEM programs a camp is that it meets on back to back days. Each STEAM camp is a 5-day, 15-hour program. In the summer, our camps are day camps, not overnight camps. Depending on the subject matter the camp is either a morning camp from 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM or an afternoon camp from 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM.

A full-day summer camp option is available. All you would need to do is register for both a morning and afternoon camp and send a packed lunch with your child. Then, they stay over the lunch hour and eat with other students and the instructors. Instructors ensure that kids are engaged and entertained over the lunch hour and get to their afternoon camp.

Occasionally, our STEAM camps are offered as virtual after-school programs during the school year. Depending on which time zone you are in, these programs are either offered right after-school or in the evening. Just like our in-person STEM camps, virtual camps are taught live by a background-checked professional educator.

Our 8 STEAM Camps

We offer 8 different STEAM-focused camps. Click a camp below to learn more about what your child will learn in each camp and where they are offered.

Eight In-Person Summer Camps to Choose From

Classroom Antics is offering eight unique in-person enrichment programs for the 2022 summer camp season. Each STEAM program is specifically tailored to kids in varying age groups, at different times during the day. Click below to learn about each class topic.

Morning Camps (9AM – 12PM)Afternoon Camps (1PM – 4PM)
Brick Flicks Summer Camp
Brick Flicks (ages 9-13)
TubeStars Summer Camp
TubeStars (ages 10-13)
LEGO Bots Summer Camp
LEGO Bots (ages 7-9)
Game Builders Summer Camp
Game Builders (ages 7-9)
LEGO Robotics Summer Camp
LEGO Robotics (ages 10-13)
Game Design Summer Camp
Game Design (ages 10-13)
Minecraft Coding Summer Camp
Minecraft Coding (ages 9-13)
Minecraft Animation Summer Camp
Minecraft Animation (ages 9-13)

Classroom Antics Advantage

Our programs are uniquely different from other programs. We take pride in not only what we teach, but also how we teach.

  • Professional educators – teachers with classroom experience
  • Small class sizes – 12 students max per class
  • Dedicated materials & equipment – 1:1 student to equipment ratio
  • Close to home – most programs within a 15-minute drive
  • Fun, safe, social, and respectful environment

Register for Camp Today

Enroll today as space is limited. Register and save your child a seat at camp. Our registration system shows real-time availability in each program. Contact us if you have any questions.