VIRTUAL CLUBS Check out our newly released virtual clubs, limited spots available!


VIRTUAL CLUBS Check out our newly released virtual clubs, limited spots available!

5 Jun

LEGOLAND Japan World Record for Largest LEGO Cherry Blossom Tree

  Obviously, this build currently resides in LEGOLAND Japan. It celebrates LEGOLAND Japan’s first year anniversary. However, its design and construction took place in the Czech Republic. The assembly of the cherry blossom tree then took place in LEGOLAND Japan.   The structure not only has incredibly realistic cherry blossoms it also has a number […]


20 Oct

USA Missing at World Robot Olympiad

On November 18-20, 2011, Abu Dhabi will play host to the 8th annual World Robot Olympiad (WRO). World Robot Olympiad is an event where teams of three students, create, design, and build robot models using LEGO Mindstorm NXT. Teams compete in one of three competition categories guided by their teachers and coaches. This year over […]


17 Oct

New LEGO Robotics Sensor: Inertial Motion Unit

Classroom Antics is very excited to hear that Dexter Industries announced the release of a new sensor for LEGO MINDSTORMS. Dexter Industries is a leader in advanced sensors and peripherals. The sensor is a proper 6 Degree of Freedom (DOF) Inertial Motion Unit (IMU) sensor. Thus, it measures the rotation and acceleration of robots built […]


4 Oct

Scratch Programming is like LEGO Building

What is Scratch Programming?   Scratch is a programming language for kids that makes it easy to create. It uses a visual-based interface that is like a LEGO building. With this software kids make their own interactive stories, animations, games, music, and art. In addition, they can even share their creations on the web and collaborate […]


26 Sep

Homemade Roomba

Every parent knows the importance of investing in their child’s education because it will pay off in the long run. Now, I’m all for giving their child the best possible opportunities for success. But, what about today. Now thanks to Classroom Antics and LEGO Mindstorm NXT you don’t have to wait for the payoff.   […]


15 Apr

Robotics Merit Badge for Boy Scouts

The Boy Scouts of America have announced a new merit badge, Robotics. Coincidentally, this announcement comes during National Robotics Week.   Requirements for Robotics Merit Badge   To earn the badge, scouts must accomplish a number of robot-related requirements (PDF). They mush design, build, program, and test a robot. Then, they demonstrate the robot and […]


8 Apr

National Robotics Week is April 9-17, 2011

This week April 9-17, 2011 is National Robotics Week. Events across the country promote robotics and what this field can offer young children.   Starting today in Marion, Ohio (between Cleveland and Columbus) is the National Robotics Challenge. One event in Marion will be Robo Hockey, which will have two robots working as a team […]


29 Mar

LEGO Store Opening in Beachwood Place

There’s already an awesome LEGO store at Easton Town Center in Columbus. Now Cleveland gets to geek out with our own LEGO store at Beachwood Place!   LEGO will have a Grand Opening for it’s new Beachwood store over the weekend of April 8-10, 2011. Here are the store hours for opening weekend: Friday, April […]