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A New Way To Look At Valentine’s Day

From all of us as Classroom Antics Happy Valentine’s Day! This is a great day to share your love. Below are a number of Valentine’s Day activities you can do to share your love of STEM with your kids.

Valentine’s Day Activities

Valentine’s Day is actually a great day to be active in showing your love for family and STEAM. It’s a great day for families and friends to express their appreciation for each other! Sometimes an expression of love is through sharing with someone your interests or putting time into your loved one’s interests. If you love STEM subjects or have a little one interested in STEM, below are some Valentine’s Day activities. Many of these were originally compiled from iGameMom.

Science Valentine’s Cards

You can print these out or make them yourself! Fun and funny – these clever science cards will be a hit with the teachers and kids at school.

Valentine Math Worksheets

Some of you might be cringing but these Valentine’s Day activity worksheets are actually fun and a great to work on with your kids! Working together on math problems is a great way for your child and bond with them at the same time.

Heart Science Experiments

For the experimenters and doers, these Valentine’s Day experiments are a fun excuse to break out the goggles and aprons for some heart-themed experimenting. Don’t worry, not all of these Valentine’s Day activities are messy!

Science Videos on YouTube

iGameMom has put together an enriching list of YouTube videos about the circulatory system.


We love the idea of expanding what showing the ones you love you care means this Valentine’s Day. So, we encourage you to have fun with your kids exploring STEM this Valentine’s day!