Learning Through Video Game Design

Video Game Design for Kids, The New Way to Learn

Too much time spent playing video games! It might seem like a time-waster. But, kids who play video games can improve their focus and problem-solving skills, boost creativity and even reduce stress. Playing is great, but video game design is an even better way to channel your kid’s love of the game into a learning opportunity and …

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Benefits of Tech in the Classroom

Benefits of Technology & Innovation in the Classroom

Technology and innovation has a way to captivate students into learning traditional material using new methods. Through gamification and augmented reality, kids can feel more connected to the topic taught in school.

Boy Scout Merit Badges

Boy Scout Merit Badges – Our Camps Help You Earn Them

If your son is in Boy Scouts and interested in earning some STEAM-focused merit badges, we can help. Our STEAM-focused camps fulfill many of the requirements of various boy scout merit badges. Animation Merit Badge Game Design Merit Badge Movie Making Merit Badge Programming Merit Badge Robotics Merit Badge The Animation Merit Badge In Brick …

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We Didn’t Say It, They Did!

This week kicked-off our Live Virtual Camps and it was so great to hear so much positive feedback. And, see the growth and smiles of kids enjoying themselves and cheering each other on. Positive Words from Campers and Parents “I’m so proud of my game” – Gavin “I’ve already added a second level.” – Mav …

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LIVE Virtual Summer Camps

The key word is LIVE. Virtual camps and programs come in two formats — live or pre-recorded. Ours are LIVE. Both formats have their place in education, but LIVE is much more effective and enjoyable for kids. Live camps allow children to learn along-side new friends. This helps build social interaction. Live camp also keeps …

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How to play Gamemaker on Mac

How to play GameMaker games on Mac

We use Game Maker 8.1 for Windows in our in-person Game Design Camps. Also, we provide each kid with a complimentary USB drive to save the games they developed in summer camp. They can then load the software on a Windows computer and play them with for friends and family. However, sometimes families only have …

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Why Fortnite Is So Popular?

Reasons Fortnite is So Popular are Pretty Simple There is no doubt that Fortnite is popular, maybe even one of the most popular games of all time. And, even though as parents we might at times curse Epic Games, the creators of Fortnite, they’re actually brilliant. Fortnite has swept across the world into the lives …

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Video Game Designers Explain the Psychology Behind Sound Effects

Video game designers take viewers through a history and psychology explanation of game sound effects. Wired.com recently interviewed some pretty amazing video game designers about the evolution of sound effects in game design. You wouldn’t have guessed how much time, effort, and research goes into the sounds you’ve been hearing in games. You may not …

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GameMaker on Mac

GameMaker is Back on Mac!

One GameMaker License Gets You Mac and Windows This has long been a desire of both YoYo Games (the developer) and the community for a while. As a result, we are excited to welcome this version into the GameMaker family. The great news for both Windows and Mac users is that it is all part …

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Top 10 Colleges to Study Video Game Design in the U.S.

Many colleges across the country are realizing what Classroom Antics has known for years: that people love to learn more about what they love doing. This is why for years we have been teaching kids how to make their own video games in our Jr. Video Game Design and Video Game Design Tech Camps. Now, …

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