Summer Camps Avon OH

Summer Camps Avon OH

Avon parents, if you are looking for a summer camp for your kid or teen Classroom Antics STEAM camps are one of the most versatile options available. With over 10 different STEAM-focused camps that cover a variety of STEAM-related subjects, Classroom Antics camps provide a number of ways for your child to grow. You may …

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2019 Red Apple Awards

What is The Red Apple Award? Classroom Antics summer camps are an amazing experience. They are filled with a vast amount of educational enrichment, new friends, and lifetime memories. These experiences are made possible by our experienced teachers. From the preparation and training to be masters of the technologies they teach to the high-energy they …

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Name the Next Mars Rover

Name the Next Mars Rover!

Today, NASA opened the contest for K-12 students to name the Mars 2020 rover that launches in July. We would love for some of our past students to take part in this historic opportunity. To win kids submit their Mars rover name and a short essay (maximum 150 words). The essay should explain the reasons …

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Summer Camp Walkthrough

Vlog: Day 1 of Summer Camp!

Summer Camp Walkthrough If you’re curious about what goes on in our STEAM summer camps join our program manager, Kit as she takes you on a walkthrough. This walkthrough is what a typical day 1 is in camp is like. Key Observations Hopefully, after viewing the video you noticed: The wide variety of camp options …

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Student Sucess: How One Student Became the Teacher

“This success story couldn’t have been planned by me,” she smiles as she shakes her head. “The universe is so cool!” How Did This Success Story Happen? Meg McNamara credits simple serendipity for coming full-circle from once attending Classroom Antics Summer Tech Camps to now teaching a Classroom Antics after-school programs. She also sees her …

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Valentine's Day Activities focused on STEAM

A New Way To Look At Valentine’s Day

From all of us as Classroom Antics Happy Valentine’s Day! This is a great day to share your love. Below are a number of Valentine’s Day activities you can do to share your love of STEM with your kids. Valentine’s Day Activities Valentine’s Day is actually a great day to be active in showing your …

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The Benefits of a Mixed Classroom

Key Benefits of a Mixed Classroom The benefits of a mixed classroom far outweigh the concerns about a mixed classroom by age. As parents are worried about how kids will adjust to a new situation or meeting new kids. When those kids are older we worry how much they will influence our child. Or, will …

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