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Summer Camps Avon OH

Avon parents, if you are looking for a summer camp for your kid or teen Classroom Antics STEAM camps are one of the most versatile options available. With over 10 different STEAM-focused camps that cover a variety of STEAM-related subjects, Classroom Antics camps provide a number of ways for your child to grow. You may have seen our information on the Avon City Schools Summer Programs page over the years but not realized our programs are available to all Avon area residents.


Summer Camp Location Minutes from Avon

Classroom Antics knows how hard it is to get kids where they need to be during the summer. As a result, our STEM camps take place in multiple locations throughout Northeast Ohio to make it convenient for families to attend. For families in Avon, we offer our in-person camps at the Saint Paul School in Westlake. This location is within 20 miles or 15 minutes from many Avon homes. This link will give you the exact address for mapping the distance from your home. Westlake – St. Paul Lutheran School


Diversity in Programming for Avon Kids

STEM learning is so diverse it can make it hard to know what area of STEM your kid will love most. The great news is that Classroom Antics offers 10 different summer camps to Avon residents covering multiple areas of STEM. We have camps that focus on Game Design, Coding, Robotics, and Movie Making. In addition, we use programs that kids love like YouTube and Minecraft to keep them highly engaged. To support younger kids on their STEM journey, we make our STEM programs available to kids as young as 7. Our younger focused programs are Game Builders and LEGO Bots. This diversity of programming allows your child to explore their love of technology in a number of different ways.


Flexible Times for Summer Camps

Also, we realize that sometimes Avon families need their kids to attend summer camp for a full day. And, with so many programs offered this is definitely an option. Our camps are typically half-day camps. Morning camps run from 9 am – 12 pm and afternoon camps from 1 pm to 4 pm. However, if you would like to join us for a full-day camp, all you need to do is enroll your child in a morning camp and an afternoon camp and send them with a packed lunch. Our qualified background checked instructors stay on-site over the lunch hour to keep kids engaged and entertained. There is no additional fee for the lunch hour, it is a convenience we offer to our full-day families.


Summer Camp in Avon Also Online

Even though our in-person summer camps in Westlake are conveniently located to Avon, we understand you may still prefer to attend camp virtually. The good news is we offer that option as well. Many of our in-person camps like Game Design, Game Builders, Minecraft Coding, and Stop-Motion Animation have a virtual option as well. These LIVE virtual camps have morning 10 am – 12 pm and afternoon 1 pm – 3 pm options available.