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Vlog: Day 1 of Summer Camp!

Summer Camp Walkthrough

If you’re curious about what goes on in our STEAM summer camps join our program manager, Kit as she takes you on a walkthrough. This walkthrough is what a typical day 1 is in camp is like.


Key Observations

Hopefully, after viewing the video you noticed:

  • The wide variety of camp options we offer
  • How much the kids learn in just one day
  • The smiles on the kids’ faces
  • How much our instructors enjoy teaching kids

The wide variety of summer camp options we have available for students interested in STEAM are LEGO robotics, video game design, Brick Flicks, Creative Coders, video production, and Minecraft Coding!


Where can I experience camp?

This video was taken at St. Ambrose Catholic School in Brunswick, Ohio. That said, we try our best to ensure a constant experience at each of our camp locations. So no matter where you attend our camps you know what to expect.

This camp walkthrough is an example of what our in-person summer camps are like. To find out if there is an in-person camp near you check out our Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Columbus schedules.


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