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Kids Think Classroom Antics is the Best Summer Camp

Kids tell it like it is, which is why having them say Classroom Antics STEAM camp is the best summer camp they have ever attended means so much.

Why Kids Say This is the Best Camp

Every year we hear from hundreds of our campers how much they love our camp. While this is great to hear we thought we would take it one step further and ask them why and share the answers with you.

  • It’s cool
  • You make a lot of friends
  • It’s not just playing games it’s learning how to make them
  • You learn from the basics to advanced things
  • You get to keep your work and show it off
  • It gives you a sense of “I did it”
  • We help each other


Unscripted Responses

We went out to a few of our camp locations and asked the kids about their summer camp experience. Obviously the kids knew they were being videotaped but their answers were unscripted. Which makes the great things they said about their camp experience mean so much more.


Be A Part of the Best Summer Camp

Join us this summer for a week of fun, friends, and learning! Campers can choose from a wide variety of subjects. The STEAM topics we teach are LEGO Robotics, Video Game Design, Stop-Motion Animation, Video Production, Computer Programming & Minecraft Coding.


Kids can choose to learn just one of the topics or come for a full-day and learn one STEAM subject in the morning and another in the afternoon.