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Parents Select Classroom Antics as Best Summer Camp

Choosing the best summer camp for your child can be a difficult one. Sometimes it is good to have the opinion of another parent to help guide the way.

Why Parents Choose Classroom Antics Camp

We hear firsthand from parents every year why they think Classroom Antics is one of the best summer camps. So, we thought we would share some of those answers with you.

  • They learn new things every day
  • The kids have fun while learning
  • My child makes a lot of friends
  • There are real teachers teaching
  • The staff really takes the time with the kids
  • My kid is excited to come every day
  • I can see the results of what they are accomplishing


Unscripted Responses

We went out to a few of our camp locations and asked the parents about their child’s summer camp experience. Obviously they knew they were being videotaped but their answers were unscripted. Which makes the great things they said about the camp experience mean so much more.


Be A Part of the Best Summer Camp

Join us this summer for a week of fun, friends, and learning! Campers can choose from a wide variety of subjects. The STEAM topics we teach are LEGO Robotics, Video Game Design, Stop-Motion Animation, Video Production, Computer Programming & Minecraft Coding.


Kids can choose to learn just one of the topics or come for a full-day and learn one STEAM subject in the morning and another in the afternoon.