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Why Fortnite Is So Popular?


Reasons Fortnite is So Popular are Pretty Simple

There is no doubt that Fortnite is popular, maybe even one of the most popular games of all time. And, even though as parents we might at times curse Epic Games, the creators of Fortnite, they’re actually brilliant. Fortnite has swept across the world into the lives of our children and gamers everywhere. It has been amazing to watch how a video game, become so prevalent across a number of socio-economical boundaries. And as it turns out, the underlying reasons are actually pretty simple:


Fortnite Is “Easy” To Play

This simple explanation is exactly why Fortnite’s popularity is increasing. And for fellow moms and dads who are saying “I still don’t get what it even is…”, here is a cheat sheet that explains everything pretty well.


The concept of the game is easy to understand, and young children are able to catch on quickly. Even if someone doesn’t battle inside of the game, they can run around in the game, meeting up with friends.


The makers of Fortnite hit it on the head by offering something for everyone in the game. Players can choose from a Battle Royale or a Save the World mode. There is so much diversity in the play and the characters that there is little doubt why Fortnite is popular.


You Can Play Fortnite On Popular Devices

Fortnite isn’t only available on Xbox or even as just an app. Instead, the game is available across a number of devices including PS4, Xbox, PC, and iOs devices like the iPhone and iPad. Changes were made to certain platforms on which you can switch from one to the other and still play on the same account. As a result, the constant access, on-the-go, or at home, makes it no wonder why there are millions playing at any given time.


Fortnite is Affordable

The affordability of Fortnite is a defining factor in its popularity. If there’s one thing that has transformed the gaming world from being such just a niche culture to introducing games as a social phenomena it’s the cost. There is almost always a free version with in-game purchases. The number of people with access to download games on their computers, tablets, and smartphones makes gaming popularity soar.


Our Connected World

Fortnite is so popular also because of its sociability. Without a doubt, more people are playing it because more people are talking about it. Kids are telling their friends about it, and they can get it, too – it’s free! In addition, the dances and skins also help keep kids connected beyond the game environment itself! Even beloved soccer players in the World Cup are celebrated this year with dances within Fortnite.


Even if you can’t do the dances, it’s genius because it takes the game beyond the gaming community. The skins in the game also bring the game beyond the game hyping the release and creating a desire for it within players. Teens record themselves doing the dances and Snapchat them or share them on Instagram. Celebrities are doing the dances, and a lot the aforementioned videos have gone viral. It’s the intertwining socialization of the game that sets it apart from other games. Kids, teens, and adults alike can agree it is entertaining.


If your child loves Fortnite or just loves gaming please consider having them join us in one of our In-Person or Virtual Video Game Design Camps so they can learn how to design the next Fortnite.