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Video Game Designers Explain the Psychology Behind Sound Effects

Video game designers take viewers through a history and psychology explanation of game sound effects. recently interviewed some pretty amazing video game designers about the evolution of sound effects in game design. You wouldn’t have guessed how much time, effort, and research goes into the sounds you’ve been hearing in games. You may not have even realized you are hearing them. Even for the non-gamers, these familiar sounds bring back memories and emotions, just as the designers wanted!


Video Game Design and Sound, When Did That Start?


It all began in 1972 with Pong. Although, Pong was simplistic in its video game design and sound effects they worked. Sounds used in Pong incited emotions, actions, and physical reactions in the players. This idea of using sound to enhance gameplay was continued in Space Invaders (as heard in the video). Its video game designers purposely sped up the sounds to create tension in players, causing their heart rates to rise. This sound increased the tension at higher levels. Pacman’s insatiable “waka waka” noise incents the player to keep eating and not just avoid ghosts. Duck Hunt sounds as if it’s laughing at you, teasing you, and challenging you to try again. Super Mario Bros video game design and sound effects let you know the progress you’ve achieved. This gives the player sense of accomplishment when they complete a level.


The Video Game Designers Explain It All


Whether explaining the progression of sound effects or the objects and tools they create them with over the years, these video game designers catch your interest in the science behind familiar sounds. In fact, they discuss how sounds give presence to a game, so the player feels as if they truly are there. Sounds brand the game and its company, becoming household tunes that most kids and adults know today. Certain fade-ins or sudden stops of sounds allow gamers to know what’s coming next in the game, and the significance of what has happened.


Sound design is a major part of video game design. Consequently, there are whole teams dedicated to finding the right tool to make a certain noise. Creating the perfect non-sequitur language that will resonate with many different language speakers. The whole process aligns sound effects with the progression of the game.


Learn more about the elements of Video Game Design


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