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We Didn’t Say It, They Did!

This week kicked-off our Live Virtual Camps and it was so great to hear so much positive feedback. And, see the growth and smiles of kids enjoying themselves and cheering each other on.


Positive Words from Campers and Parents

“I’m so proud of my game” – Gavin

“I’ve already added a second level.” – Mav

“I wouldn’t have thought to add so many aliens that is wonderful.” – Amy, Instructor

“Josh, is really loving it and learning a lot.” – Josh’s Dad

“This is cool.” – Henry


Kids Leveling Up

By Wednesday, campers had built multiple games and were already adding levels. With screen sharing, kids showed their games and accomplishments providing much-needed interaction and positive support.

Seeing kids grow and show how proud they are of what they built reminds us why it is so important for kids to continue to learn over the summer.

Each live virtual STEAM camp only has 5 available spaces. Register today to keep your child learning and growing!


Our Virtual Camps Offer

  • Focused Learning Time – 2 hours/day of live instruction with a professional teacher
  • Weeklong Sessions – 5 consecutive days, Monday-Friday for accelerated learning and growth
  • High-Quality Instruction – background checked educators with previous education experience
  • Social Interaction – kids placed into a virtual team to promote interaction during the program
  • Small Class Sizes – 5 students max per program
  • Real-Time Instructor Feedback – kids share screens and ask questions in real-time


Camp Fee

The fee is $249 for a weeklong program, Monday – Friday. The sessions are led by a professional instructor for 2-hours each day at the same time.