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Minecraft Skin of Cromwell

Today, our Minecraft Coding campers made a Minecraft skin of our mascot Cromwell. Asche, one of our summer campers in Columbus was working on textures and skins in Minecraft. And she let Cromwell be a source of her inspiration. As a result, we now have an awesome skin of our Classroom Antics robot mascot, Cromwell. We know we love him of course. However, we also wanted to share him with anyone that wanted to play as Cromwell in Minecraft. Just check out the link below to download the Cromwell skin for yourself.


Creativity in Action


In our summer camps we have a number of lessons that teach the kids great skills. While each lesson has easy to follow step-by-step instructions we also encourage kids to add their creativity to them. We feel strongly this makes kids feel more connected to what they are learning. In addition we find that when they make the work their own they have a stronger sense of accomplishment in what they made. Asche’s work in developing the Cromwell skin for Minecraft is a great example of creativity in action and as you can see by the smile on her face a great source of pride as well.

Download Cromwell Minecraft Skin

Download a copy of the skin of Cromwell here (right-click, and select Save As):