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Be On LEGO Masters TV Show!

The TV Show, LEGO Masters, is casting season 2 and they are looking for past participants and families of Classroom Antics programs. They want you to apply!

The casting associate from LEGO Masters personally reached out to Classroom Antics this week as they are searching for new contestants for the next season of the show. They are actively seeking LEGO fanatics with connections to Classroom Antics that are interested in being on the TV show.


Are You Interested?

The next season will film over 5 weeks in Atlanta during the months of February and March 2021. While we will still likely be in the recovery season, I have been assured that the show has taken the virus very seriously and have many safety measures and precautions in-place during the taping of the show. Specifically, I was told “We are taking COVID very seriously, and there will be protocol in place to make sure it is a safe and healthy set.”

Participants MUST be 18+ years old. This would potentially limit this to past alumni, family, friends, parents, and staff of Classroom Antics. They are looking for 1-2 people per team — if you are just 1 person in your family that is interested in this, they can potentially pair you with another participant if they can find someone that has something in common with you (for example, the Classroom Antics connection).

Should you be selected to participate, the LEGO Masters will fly you to Atlanta and cover expenses related to the show.


How to Apply to be on the Show

You are free to apply directly. However, I would highly recommend you call Classroom Antics directly to hopefully fast-track you to a conversation with the casting associate. Call Toby at the main Classroom Antics number 800-595-3776 if this is something you want to pursue.