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Robotic Devices Duel – Kids Creativity Wins at CES 2015

In the battle for robotic device supremacy at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2015, it is clear that the winner is going to be the kids creativity.


There were numerous robotic toys on the horizon that are sure to offer kids a play experience they will love. And if they don’t love it right out of the box, many of the companies offering these amazing robotic devices are also going to offer kids the ability to modify and/or create programs for the robotic devices.


Robotic devices such as the Meccanoid by SpinMaster are going to be a great addition to the robotic toys category.

  • It is based on the Erector Sets that so many of us grew up which will allow for multiple creative builds.
  • It has a modifiable app based programmability also allows for creative functionality to be added.

The Miposaur by Wowwee is also a very fun addition to the robotic device category that is fun right out of the box

  • It provides interactivity with a ball (included), other Miposaurs (not included), and the kids themselves.
  • It is the ability for kids to download and create their own programs for these great robots that I found most exciting.

And the OZOBOT offered a bit of a twist we weren’t expecting in the robotic devices category.

  • We are used to robotic devices you build from a drawing and then program, this robot teaches you how to program from a drawing.
  • Like the other products in the robotic device category it also allows kids creativity to control the robot, in this case by moving according to the pattern drawn.
  • The drawing can either be done on paper or on an app.

We weren’t the only ones at the CES show taking notice of the focus on robotics devices being about the kids, Richard Barry the Chief Merchandising Officer for Toys ‘R Us when asked what he sees as the top trends in toys in 2015 and beyond said, “Robotics is going to be a big deal.” And, while we at Classroom Antics already think robotics are a big deal, we have to admit we were also pretty excited to see the advancements being made in the robotic device category.