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Solving the Summer Camp Aftercare Problem

Are you looking for a solution for summer camp aftercare? Stop hunting for “that neighbor who watches kids in the summer.” We have found your solution to before- and after-care for our summer day camps.


This past weekend, we met Susan Cornish at the Cincinnati Summer Camp Fair. Susan is the franchise owner of College Nannies+Tutors throughout Ohio, including Cincinnati, Columbus, and Cleveland Akron.


The Pickup-Dropoff Challenge of Summer Day Camps


What do you do with your children when summer camp is shorter than your workday? Or during those breaks in summer camps where the children are home all day? Do you spend each week planning out who will drop off & pick your kids? This is a common problem that many families who enroll their children in our summer camp experience each year.


You can certainly use the high school student down the street, but they seem to have busier social schedules. As a result, reliability can be an issue. Grandparents are often another option but sometimes even they need a break during a beautiful summer day.


A Solution to Summer Camp Aftercare


College Nannies+Tutors offers College Nannies to solve your pickup-dropoff problem with summer day camps.


College Nannies are educated, active role models. They are the flexible solution to your summer childcare dilemma. College Nannies+Tutors can provide a nanny for a couple hours each day or the full day, it’s your choice.


There is simply no substitute for someone who can really engage and have fun with your children. In addition, you have a reliable team of employees available to assist when your nanny needs a day off or is not feeling well. College Nannies+Tutors employees are fully background screened, reference checked and trained, before they are assigned with a family. Their nannies are comfortable driving children to and from activities like summer camp.


Nannies are available in CincinnatiColumbus, and Cleveland Akron nannies. I wasn’t able to find the link for the Cleveland Akron section of their website, so feel free to call Susan Cornish, the franchise owner, directly on her work line at 614-747-3020.


Video Showcase of College Nannies+Tutors

Your Feedback on Summer Camp Aftercare is Appreciated


The College Nannies+Tutors program is not endorse or sponsored by Classroom Antics. This web article is an unpaid advertisement from Susan Cornish about the services her company offers, and I think it’s worth looking into.


I would love to hear your feedback on her company’s service, as well as other options parents, have for before- and after-care for summer day camps in the Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati areas.