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STEM and STEAM Camps for Kids

STEAM is an evolution from STEM. Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math make up STEM & STEAM. Learn about camps that cover every aspect of STEAM.

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math make up STEM & STEAM. Our STEM and STEAM camps support your kids in learning all of the above.



STEAM is an evolution from STEM


Summer is a great time to join a STE(A)M camp.  Of course, we think this but our past campers and their parents agree too.  We are so happy to have received some amazing feedback and reasons why kids and parents love our summer STEAM camps.  

Here is what a few parents have to say…

Classroom Antics presented Engineering in a way to my 6 year old daughter that was enjoyable and caused her to be excited to know she would be attending after school. Lena is an excellent instructor. The entire experience is worth it.

Angela M.

My kids just completed the Tube Stars summer camp and had a great experience. They aren’t really into camps, but they were excited to go each day and always had a ton to tell me afterwards.

Ginna R.

My son truly looked forward to attending the “Game Builders” technology camp each day. He would share the highlights with our family and present what he had learned on computer. He enjoyed it so much that he was disappointed when it finally ended.

Paula Y.


Why STEM and STEAM Camps are Great for Kids


We love this feedback and have a few other reasons why STEM and STEAM summer camps are awesome and beneficial for kids.  


  • learn how to think in different ways – to think logically, solve problems and work together in a group.
  • get inspired to think about what they can achieve and how this will help them in future career paths.
  • gain confidence to go back to school with all the skills they learned in summer camp.
  • become prepared for high school and beyond.  Learning new technical and social skills will help transition out of their comfort zone to what lies next.
  • are shown there can be a fun side of learning the subjects like math and science.  They can see it put into real world situations and gain hands-on skills.

So why wait and sign up today!  Don’t lose another summer.  Make this summer the best one yet! A summer to remember.


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