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A Kid’s Perspective on Tech Camp

When you walk into a Classroom Antics Tech Camp, there is an amazing energy in the room. Everywhere you look you will find kids excited to learn about technology and highly engaged with other campers that share the same interests.

Why Come to Tech Camp?
But, we wanted to find out what brought them all to Tech Camp, so we did what anyone would do and we asked them. Some of the reasons kids said they wanted to come to Tech Camp is because they like working with LEGOs and computers, are interested in studying video game design in college, or are simply looking to learn something new over the summer. Other answers were less specific like, “I’m 100% obsessed with tech!” but no less important as displayed by the joy and enthusiasm with which this answer was given.

Best Thing About Tech Camp?
While there seemed to be a lot of different reasons kids are at Tech Camp, when asked what the like most about being in Tech Camp they all had similar responses: they enjoy coming to Tech Camp and are having fun learning. One of our campers described Tech Camp as being, “enriching, exciting, and fun,” and every kid asked to describe Tech Camp included the word fun in their answer.

Favorite Tech Camp Experience?

We also asked our Tech Campers to tell us about some of their favorite Tech Camp experiences and were so excited to hear that succeeding in the different tasks they were given, learning how to make a video game for the first time, seeing other Tech Campers finished projects, and discovering what they are best at doing were at the top of their lists.


What Are You Going to Do After Tech Camp?

We were also quite proud that every single kid we spoke to expressed interest in continuing to learn in their respective area of interest whether it’s making games, building robots, making movies, or coding after Tech Camp is over.


We want to thank our Tech Campers for helping us understand that although each Tech Camper is different and their reasons for coming to Tech Camp are varied, in common they all share an appreciation for the fun of learning and succeeding in Tech Camp.