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Girls in STEM – Numbers Growing

The Girls in STEM Movement

The movement for Girls in STEM is strong. Many nonprofit organizations have been promoting Girls Only events. Our mission is to empower every child to discover their passions and purpose. Not just girls. Not just boys. But every child.

However, if you walked into any of our programs a decade ago, you could very easily see that boys were predominant in our summer camps. A few girls could be found, but young women were a staggering minority. And with such few girls, we could only expect this would perpetuate the gender imbalance in future summer camps and the STEM field.


Growth of Girls in our STEM Programs

So to help curb this, for the past decade, Classroom Antics have been making a concerted effort to increase the participation of girls in our programs through marketing and community outreach campaigns. You will find today that girls are prominently shown on literature as often as boys. We have been acutely aware to develop STEM programs that aren’t boy-centric. As a result, these efforts have shown dramatic improvement. Such as a staggering 260% over the last decade.


Season % Girls % Boys % Change
Summer 2010 7.3% 92.7% Baseline
Summer 2011 6.5% 93.5% -11.0% 
Summer 2012 9.6% 90.4% 47.7% 
Summer 2013 10.2% 89.8% 6.3% 
Summer 2014 12.6% 87.4% 23.5% 
Summer 2015 13.5% 86.5% 7.1% 
Summer 2016 14.3% 85.3% 5.9% 
Summer 2017 17.7% 82.3% 23.8% 
Summer 2018 19.3% 80.6% 9.0% 
Summer 2019 19.0% 80.9% -1.6% 

These results are fantastic but it’s easy to see that we still have a LOT of room for improvement. At the current growth rate, we expect to arrive at 50% somewhere around the year 2060. I’m not sure about you, but I’d love to accelerate this.


Share ideas on how to grow the girls in STEM movement

Would you share your ideas with us? Please contact us to evaluate your ideas for the upcoming season. Our best ideas have come from the families we serve.