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A Honeybee’s Helpful Robot

Drones Could Replace the Honey Bee

Drones could replace the honey bee. Most of us are aware of the honeybee crisis. The environmentally sustaining species – pollinating 80% of the world – have been dying out at a surprising rate. So, scientists in Japan have been working on a backup plan, just in case: Pollinator drones.


How Drones are Helping

In the distant future, these little drones could help assist the decreasing number of honeybees. These robots have fuzzy material on the bottom which picks up pollen, just like the legs of a honeybee. It’s called an ionic liquid gel. It is able to lift substances and stick them again, perfect for transferring pollen from flower to flower.


Mastering control of these bots will be a challenge. At this time, future versions may use GPS or Artificial Intelligence (AI) to find the best path. One thing they cannot do is make honey. However, this is definitely a start in helping assist honeybees.


Technology Education Is Vital For Survival

Just as technology is helping to solve or assist as a solution for many other environmental, social, and world issues, it is becoming essential that today’s children are introduced to the technology of tomorrow. The number of jobs and industries that will require a good base of tech knowledge is growing. And technology is no longer its own industry – it crosses into almost all others, including medical, business, and industrial as some of the most prominent.


Now, all this technology talk can be intimidating. A lot of us don’t feel equipped as parents to be the teacher of subjects that are newer to us, too. How will we expose our child to all the knowledge they may need in order to succeed in the future?


Inventing the Next Tech Solution

Your child could be the next inventor of world-saving technology. Our in-person summer tech camps and virtual camps are a great way to introduce your child to the technical skills needed to build the future. Beginning at age 6, campers learn the basics such as programming, robotics, coding, and game design. These skills are the building blocks to educational paths in all aspects of engineering, architecture and IT to name a few.


Most children aren’t exposed to coding and computer programming languages until at least high school, if not college. And our approach includes a fun, hands-on, teamwork-style learning that inspires kids beyond just playing. Imagine the leg up your child could have in discovering their love for technology. Leaving camp able to continue to pursue their passion.


Camp could inspire your child to one day become an environmental engineer and solve global warming!