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Why Encourage Your Kid to Become YouTube Famous

Encourage children to be famous on YouTube is not about vanity. It's about the process of discovering yourself and honing your video production skills in the process.

Becoming a YouTube famous kid isn’t just about being an “influencer”. Your kid could use their creativity and tech skills to start their career in media early.


The influence of digital videos is everywhere.  As a way to gain information, learn new skills, share your expertise with an audience. This is how many people communicate now.  Digital videos is continuing to gain popularity. These are skills that kids should be learning now as we move deeper into this millennia.


More than YouTube Famous


There are many benefits and skills your child can gain by creating videos and posting to their own channel. First, many artistic, creative, and technical skills are required to just produce a video on YouTube. Likewise, in order to increase views and subscribers, your child must learn how to market themselves and their channel. Most importantly, your child will gain confidence in themselves through performing and speaking to a large audience.


With video production, kids can use their creativity and tech skills to produce their own videos. From equipment and storyboarding to visual effects and editing, they can learn the fundamentals of creating video. From feature-length film, short-form YouTube or Facebook video to viral social media clips and TikToks, they can create something new. 


Video is a mainstream means of communication.  After this past year we have all learned that!  Whether or not your kid becomes YouTube Famous, the ability to communicate confidently is an important skill. Communicating confidently using video based platforms is an imperative in the 21st century.


Kids Become More than YouTube Famous


Creating TikTok videos, YouTube short, Instagram Reels or full-length videos is about more than an attempt by your kid to become YouTube Famous. Video is an excellent means of developing understanding of body language and non-verbal communication.  Kids have a chance to see themselves and others from a different view point.


By creating videos, kids can keep their recordings in a digital portfolio to view over time. Consequently, they get to see how far they have come on camera and behind the scenes.


Making and editing video clips is a creative process for kids. In addition, it gives them an opportunity to learn technical video editing skills and apply their creativity to that.


TubeStars Camp


Creating and editing videos is a great way to further develop their digital literacy skills. It’s a myth that usage is enough. In order for your kids to thrive as a digital native, they also need to understand how to produce content. This kind of knowledge will be valuable in their day-to-day and academic future lives.


If your child wants a YouTube channel, our Classroom Antics TubeStars summer camp is a great way to get them started, kids learn how to produce engaging YouTube-style videos.  They use equipment from webcams, ring lights and Shotcut software to create multiple types of YouTube videos.   We hope your child will continue to learn and take their newly acquired skills and apply them to real life.


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