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Learn to Code for Less Than a Quarter a Lesson

Now, with Classroom Antics’ self-led option for Virtual Coding Club, kids learn to code more for less than ever before. From the moment they register for the remainder of the school year kids get access to over 300 JavaScript coding lessons. And, learning to code is something children should do because it provides so many benefits.


What Do They Actually Learn in Coding Club?

Virtual Coding Club teaches programming and game design, using JavaScript. Not to mention, the lessons are online and engaging. All members start with learning the basics of coding and then progress to developing multimedia projects. In addition, all members upload their own photos, videos, and audio files to customize their learning experience.


What Are The Benefits of Learning to Code?

There are numerous benefits to learning to code here are just a few.

  • Coding careers are in high demand – According to, 71% of all new STEM jobs involve coding.
  • Kids gain an understanding of how things work – learn what is really making their favorite game or app run.
  • Coding is a creative outlet – coming up with creative ideas to code.
  • It is rewarding – kids get to see their ideas come to life on screen.
  • Coding improves problem-solving skills – debugging is critical in coding and is also a valuable life skill.


How Do I Get My Kid Started Coding?

Your child can start on their coding journey, or add to their coding experience, by joining the Virtual Coding Club.

The self-led option is the most affordable option. It provides your child access to all 300 JavaScript lessons for the entire school year. In addition, there is also a small group option that offers weekly access to other group members and a professional educator.

Virtual Coding Club is versatile, you can start with self-led and change to the small group option at any time or start with the small group option and switch to self-led.