NEWS Limited Number of Seats Available. Register for Camp Today!


NEWS Limited Number of Seats Available. Register for Camp Today!

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Maker M.D.

Kids go on an adventure through the human body and animal kingdom as they work to discover new ways to improve life for all living creatures in Maker M.D. Combining the subjects of engineering, environmental science and biology, students will create their own solution to medical challenges and quandaries in the eyes, joints, and even bird beaks!


The human body is an incredible and can do amazing things. That’s why it can be a great source for inspiration to solve the world’s problems. Maker M.D. covers different body structures in humans and animals and the natural technology and engineering that helps them to adapt to their environments. They’ll learn about the structures and adaptations different living beings have to help them survive and thrive. 

Students participate in numerous hands-on activities and projects that will teach them how well we can see as humans, how to build a mechanical leg for a human, and develop a model rescue litter that will carry people back to safety from remote areas in the world. They’ll not only gain an understanding of how these things are designed and created, but also discuss how these types of inventions improve life for humans, animals and all other living beings on the planet.


If you are interested in hosting this after school program at your school, please reach out to us. Visit our website, or call 800-595-3776 to speak with us directly.