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NEWS Limited Number of Seats Available. Register for Camp Today!

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The Power of Green!

How are the oceans, plants, and animals affected by our choices? How do we get electricity inside our homes each day? How do weather patterns play a role in the design choices we make?

In the Power of Green, kids become true Environmental Engineers as they explore how their choices affect the oceans, plants and animals in our world! From learning how we get electricity inside our homes to how weather patterns play into our design choices, students cover a wide variety of topics surrounding our ecosystem and how we function in it and sustain it. They’ll come up with new ways to protect our very important earth as they find out just how much of a difference they can make.

During the class, kids participate in a variety of projects to gain understanding of the earth, their effects on it, and their role in protecting the planet. First, they travel to the “ocean” and repurpose the thrown away items (AKA trash) into boats, cars, reusable bags and other practical items. There’s something eye-opening about realizing how many more uses one can get out of something others deem as trash.

After the ocean, the students head back to land and use their resources to find solutions to real-world environmental engineering challenges. Kids learn how dirty power plants make our air, and about clean sources of energy, like the solar-powered oven they make and use in class! They’ll take a look into the secret life of bees and help overworked ones in finding solutions to pollinate crops. For four weeks, students will explore and invent new ways to reduce, reuse, recycle, compost and conserve!