VIRTUAL CLUBS Check out our newly released virtual clubs, limited spots available!


VIRTUAL CLUBS Check out our newly released virtual clubs, limited spots available!

21 Jan

Benefits of Technology & Innovation in the Classroom

Technology and innovation has a way to captivate students into learning traditional material using new methods. Through gamification and augmented reality, kids can feel more connected to the topic taught in school.


8 Oct

Learn to Code for Less Than a Quarter a Lesson

Now, with Classroom Antics’ self-led option for Virtual Coding Club, kids learn to code more for less than ever before. From the moment they register for the remainder of the school year kids get access to over 300 JavaScript coding lessons. And, learning to code is something children should do because it provides so many […]


21 Sep

Boy Scout Merit Badges – Our Camps Help You Earn Them

If your son is in Boy Scouts and interested in earning some STEAM-focused merit badges, we can help. Our STEAM-focused camps fulfill many of the requirements of various boy scout merit badges. Animation Merit Badge Game Design Merit Badge Movie Making Merit Badge Programming Merit Badge Robotics Merit Badge   The Animation Merit Badge In […]


30 Jan

School Called Off? Inside STEM Activities for Kids!

Minimize Screen Time With These Snow Day STEM activities First of all – I hope everybody is staying safe and warm in these crazy arctic temperatures! While the kids couldn’t be happier for this snow/ice/cold day, they don’t have to miss out on learning! Are they already bored? Are you wondering what you’re going to do […]


24 Feb

Get Charged Engineering Club

In Classroom Antics Get Charged Engineering Club, students learn about all kinds of electrical devices. From toys to smartphones, they discover all the ways electricity advances our world.   Students gain a full understanding of what kind of work Electrical Engineers go through to design helpful devices. They use energy efficiently in Get Charged by doing a […]


23 Feb

Space Odyssey

Space Odyssey takes students on an astronaut adventure as they prepare to travel to outer space! Tapping into their Aerospace Engineer brains, kids experience a full space trip, from packing and planning, to take off (with a bubble powered rocket), to taking samples from planets, and how knowledge of space can help us as a […]


21 Feb

The Power of Green!

How are the oceans, plants, and animals affected by our choices? How do we get electricity inside our homes each day? How do weather patterns play a role in the design choices we make? In the Power of Green, kids become true Environmental Engineers as they explore how their choices affect the oceans, plants and […]


20 Feb

Maker M.D.

Kids go on an adventure through the human body and animal kingdom as they work to discover new ways to improve life for all living creatures in Maker M.D. Combining the subjects of engineering, environmental science and biology, students will create their own solution to medical challenges and quandaries in the eyes, joints, and even […]


12 Feb

Camp of the Week: Video Game Design Arcade Generation

Is your son or daughter always on the computer playing games? Take it to the next level by putting that passion for video games to use. At Classroom Antics, we’re all about turning consumers into creators! Transform your child’s love for video games into a future education or career path with Video Game Design Arcade […]


11 Feb

Today is National Inventors’ Day

Happy National Inventors’ Day! If you missed Kid Inventors’ Day, no problem. Take advantage of this National Inventors’ Day as a way to inspire your kids’ creativity! Here are a few things you can do and talk about to celebrate inventors and incite new ideas in the next generation of creators! National Inventors Hall of […]