BLACK FRIDAY Registration for the 2024 Camp Season Opens November 24th!


BLACK FRIDAY Registration for the 2024 Camp Season Opens November 24th!

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Space Odyssey

Space Odyssey takes students on an astronaut adventure as they prepare to travel to outer space! Tapping into their Aerospace Engineer brains, kids experience a full space trip, from packing and planning, to take off (with a bubble powered rocket), to taking samples from planets, and how knowledge of space can help us as a society!


What do astronauts eat? How does fruit ripen in space? In Space Odyssey, kids learn what astronauts eat, designing a small garden to provide them fresh food on the trip, that will survive the outer space atmosphere as well. They set out on a test mission to an asteroid, gathering samples and inspecting what they’re made of. After getting the basics down, kids design their own space suit after learning how different forces in space, like gravity and the lack of air, affect the human body. They’re challenged to create a suit that is both fashionable and functional, allowing them to have the best space adventure!


Finally, students take a trip to Mars! They build a Rover out of bamboo skewers and styrofoam plates to help scientists explore the Red Planet even after the kids leave Mars. This module is a fun, creative way to start kids thinking as real engineers, helping astronauts get to and live comfortably in outer space while they travel.