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Top 6 YouTube Channels for Math Homework Help

I recently heard these words, “Can you help, I don’t understand how to do this math problem.” Since my son is only working with fractions I mistakenly thought I would be able to assist him, boy was I wrong.


The good news is, while figuring out how to solve his math problem I discovered a number of YouTube channels you may want to bookmark for math homework help for your kids.


1. Khan Academy – This channel is without a doubt one of the best education YouTube channels, not only for math, but for many other subjects.

Channel Positives
– Well organized by subject area in the playlist
– Videos visually stimulating as well as educational
– Works in other subjects into videos-i.e. quoting philosophers in math videos

Channel Negatives
– Learn from a voice not a person
– So many videos it is hard to find exact topic looking for quickly

2. Math Antics – A growing channel being built by two guys focused on providing simple and engaging math resources that make learning math more fun.

Channel Positives
– Focused exclusively on math instructional videos
– Videos have elements of humor that keep kids engaged
– Learn from a person who is well-spoken and entertaining

Channel Negatives
– Limited offering of Elementary math focused videos
– Videos on the long side (10 minutes +)
– Covers multiple topics in one video so may need to do some fast forwarding

3. Your Teacher Math Help – A channel that goes by a lot of different names, but also a lot of really great math tutorial videos that will help with homework.

Channel Positives
– Numerous math instructional videos organized well
– Specific videos focused on standardized tests
– Provides links to website that offers additional resources for learning

Channel Negatives
– Only covers math from pre-algebra and higher
– Videos are kind of boring
– Most additional learning resources on website require a fee

4. Math Mammoth – A small but effective math learning channel, and one of the few that covers Elementary math homework.

Channel Positives
– Covers Elementary math topics
– Learn from a person who seems to enjoy teaching

Channel Negatives
– Not a wide selection of videos
– Videos are lecture format with a lot of repetition

5. Video Math Tutor – A goofy, but good channel for helping with homework.

Channel Positives
– In addition to math videos has brain teasers, calculator tips, and flash cards
– Videos are humorous
– Presenters love of math comes through

Channel Negatives
– The guy doing the videos is really goofy and kids will either love or hate him
– Videos are not well organized and hard to sort through

6. Mathademics – A channel of good math tutorial videos, although sometimes more focused on the creators than the learners.

Channel Positives
– Covers a wide range of math topics with some elementary topics
– Nice quantity of videos without being overwhelming
– Once you understand a math concept they have math puzzles you can do

Channel Negatives
– Lack of consistency from one video to the next
– Videos are more like working though a worksheet than teaching a concept


I hope you find these math homework YouTube Channel resources valuable enough to bookmark a few for use the next time you hear the dreaded, “I don’t understand how to do this problem.”


If you have any resources that you use for your child’s math homework not listed here please share it with me and other parents by listing it in the comments section below.