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Velcro Comes From Burrs! And Other Technologies Inspired By Nature

Velcro and other amazing inventions prove nature is the ultimate genius. As a result, when it comes to adapting, inventing, and solving problems nature is the best place to look. Time and time again, we look to nature for inspiration. Nature has inspired many daily use items like Velcro to highly advanced innovative technologies like space robots.

10 Amazing Inventions Inspired by Nature


A summarized version of a list put together by Cathal O’Connel, detailing 10 amazing inventions from nature.

  1. Velcro began with the idea of burrs that easily attach and stay
  2. Grippy space robots started with the idea of sticky gecko’s feet
  3. Wind turbine fans designed with divots to increase efficiency like a whale fin
  4. Drag-reducing coating speeds up boats just like a shark’s skin
  5. Aerodynamic train shaped like a diving Kingfisher bird reduces noise pollution
  6. Single-rotor drone created after a maple seed’s lengthy fall
  7. Legged robots designed with cheetahs’ and bees’ speed and agility in mind
  8. Shrink-wrapped vaccines got the idea from micro-organisms in the water
  9. Buildings structured like termite mounds regulate temperature

Inspire Your Child


Just talking through this list will hopefully inspire them to think about their world in a new way. As a result, you may see they are really taking to this idea of exploring and creating. If you do, then we have some great STEAM programs. These programs can help your child discover their passion for inventing. If they are into building and creating they may like our Creative Coders camp for kids 8-12.