VIRTUAL CLUBS Check out our newly released virtual clubs, limited spots available!


VIRTUAL CLUBS Check out our newly released virtual clubs, limited spots available!

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Code Breakers

In Code Breakers after school engineering club, kids get a glimpse into the world of security engineers, exploring everything from how computers talk to each other to how things we do, say and wear sends a message. Think about all of the information you share on social media or other internet outlets each day. Security engineers work to safeguard our personal information from hackers and frauds, and they’re always developing new ways to protect our information.


During this after school engineering club, students learn about different ways to send information secretly, through messaging and coding. They make their own secret cryptography keys and draw pictures using binary code – that’s the language in which computers speak to each other! Kids put together this information and end up creating their own drawing all together. They also explore how computers translate directions from humans and other computers. Using games and messages, the kids will interact to learn what goes on behind the computer screen – without even using a computer! In code breakers, coding is reproduced in fun ways for kids to grasp the concepts without computers.


A concept that may seem hard to understand as adults, kids love learning how coding can be seen and used in their everyday lives! They’ll create secretly coded bracelets, games and pictures and learn how to give directions in the form of codes. Code Breaker is a proven to be a fun way to learn coding. Interested in hosting this after school program, and other engineering clubs at your school? Check out our website, or reach out to us at [email protected] or by calling 800-595-3776.