BLACK FRIDAY Registration for the 2024 Camp Season Opens November 24th!


BLACK FRIDAY Registration for the 2024 Camp Season Opens November 24th!

4 Apr

Who are our summer camp teachers?

A common question we get is “who are our teachers”? It’s so common that we wrote this article about it. A brief answer to this question is on our FAQ page, along with many other frequently asked questions.   Our summer camp teachers are professional educators, typically from local school systems. Most of our teachers are […]


28 Jun

Robotics Technology for Kids and the World’s Tiniest Computer

What Is That Speck?   The World’s Tiniest Computer. See that really tiny black speck? That’s a computer! And that giant white rock next to it is actually a grain of rice… I know – mind BLOWN!   Measuring in at 0.04 cubic millimeters, this is officially the world’s tiniest computer. Now, you can’t play […]


3 Oct

The Benefits of a Mixed Classroom

Key Benefits of a Mixed Classroom The benefits of a mixed classroom far outweigh the concerns about a mixed classroom by age. As parents are worried about how kids will adjust to a new situation or meeting new kids. When those kids are older we worry how much they will influence our child. Or, will […]


26 Jul

Why Fortnite Is So Popular?

  Reasons Fortnite is So Popular are Pretty Simple There is no doubt that Fortnite is popular, maybe even one of the most popular games of all time. And, even though as parents we might at times curse Epic Games, the creators of Fortnite, they’re actually brilliant. Fortnite has swept across the world into the […]


19 Jul

A Honeybee’s Helpful Robot

Drones could replace the honey bee. Most of us are aware of the honeybee crisis. The environmentally sustaining species – pollinating 80% of the world – have been dying out at a surprising rate. So, scientists in Japan have been working on a backup plan, just in case: Pollinator drones.   How Drones are Helping […]


5 Jun

LEGOLAND Japan World Record for Largest LEGO Cherry Blossom Tree

  Obviously, this build currently resides in LEGOLAND Japan. It celebrates LEGOLAND Japan’s first year anniversary. However, its design and construction took place in the Czech Republic. The assembly of the cherry blossom tree then took place in LEGOLAND Japan.   The structure not only has incredibly realistic cherry blossoms it also has a number […]


25 May

Fun, Patriotic Memorial Day LEGO Flag!

Celebrate this Memorial Day with Classroom Antics this Memorial Day LEGO build. This patriotic build is a salute to our country and those who have sacrificed for it. From barbeques and parades to lake days and get-togethers, there’s a lot to do this weekend! If you are looking for a fun way to keep your […]


22 Feb

Code Breakers

In Code Breakers after school engineering club, kids get a glimpse into the world of security engineers, exploring everything from how computers talk to each other to how things we do, say and wear sends a message. Think about all of the information you share on social media or other internet outlets each day. Security […]


20 Feb

Introduce A Girl To Engineering Day

Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day is officially now the third Thursday in February. The Society of Women Engineers asks you to help spread awareness of girls in engineering to the young girls in your life. You don’t need to sit down and tell them the dictionary definition of engineering… that’s boring. Instead, engage them! […]


19 Feb

Amazing Architects After-School Club

In Amazing Architects after-school club, kids explore our structurally engineered world through model builds and a pretend economy. Have you ever wondered what goes into designing a building or bridge? These structures used every day must be strong enough and efficient enough to get our tasks done. Each week, students learn, discuss, and think about […]