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You Can Now Hold Hands With Your Loved Ones From Miles Away

Augmented Reality is Changing the Way We Connect

Some people think augmented reality as a way for one person to interact with tech and avoid interacting with people. In contrast to that idea, developers at MIT have been working on ways to use augmented reality to help bring people closer.


Shapeshifting Augmented Reality Makes Your Shape a Reality

At MIT, they’ve been working on the next generation of user interfaces: Shapeshifting Augmented Reality Display. To put it simply, this technology will turn your body form into a 3D digital image. That image is then projected to a loved one thousands of miles away. It will then allow them to interact with that 3D form. This augmented reality concept is used to hold hands with someone across the planet


The concept is based on a bed of movable pins that can read digital content. Digital content like a video of you moving your hands and convert it into a physical 3D space. The pins move up and down to render the video with great detail. Currently, this technology is focusing on the movement of hands but soon it could take the idea of giving someone a virtual hug to a whole new level. Check out the video below to see how incredible this technology is!


Inspiring the Next Generation of Developers

At Classroom Antics, our goal is to help every child find their passions and purpose. Augmented reality is something our children will be working on in the future. Most kids aren’t introduced to specific programming, robotics, or other STEM subjects until at least high school. What if you could introduce your child to technology enrichment at a young age? What kind of difference could it make in their life, education, and career paths?


Enrichment programs like ours are the perfect way to inspire your child and honing their gifts and talents. Not only are our camps fun and exciting, but the value of camp extends beyond the education obtained there. After camp, they continue to build on their knowledge and seek more opportunities to grow within the subject.

Check out our summer programs, or our virtual programs, and let us help your child find their passions and purpose!