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Machines Can Now Finish Rubik’s Cube Without a Human’s Help

Rubik’s Cube Solving Robot

The Rubik’s Cube, you may have solved one yourself or very likely at least seen someone else do it. Also, robot programs solve Rubik’s Cubes.


While programming a robot to solve a Rubik’s Cube is a challenging and amazing feat. That robot still needed the help of human-made algorithms to make all sides match. Algorithms are a set of rules and processes that the machine follows.


Students at the University of California have taken robotic Rubik’s Cube solving to a new level. They have developed a program that allows the robot to work out its own next step. Through a process, they have called “autodidactic iteration” the robot figures out possible solutions for itself.


According to their testing, this version of a Rubik’s Cube solving robot can solve 100 percent of randomly scrambled cubes in 30 moves or less! That is as fast or faster than a human’s performance! Check it out here. On a fun, related note – here’s the Rubik’s Cube World Record Holder!


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