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Meet Forpheus, the Ping-Pong Playing Robot!

Robots are Fun

Robots can be fun too. Many people often think of robots as boring or tactical. However, Forpheus is the kind of robot you would want to have on your team.


Forpheus is a fun example of how robots can help improve human skills in tons of different tasks. It is a robotic ping-pong training buddy that uses three different sensors to help train fellow ping-pong players. Forpheus is able to recognize where the ping-pong ball is going it can study its opponent’s body movements and posture. This optical study allows it to predict where and how fast its opponent will strike the ping-pong ball.


Robots Can Learn to Adapt

Robotics is becoming more and more impressive as we progress through the modern age. As you play against Forpheus, it adjusts based on your skill level shown on the “net”, which is actually a digital display. It shows your skill level as you get better. This fun robot even uses facial recognition to sense your mood. As a result, it exclaims motivational phrases to boost your confidence.


Forpheus is not available for sale to the public, it is just for demonstrative purposes. Nevertheless, maybe someday robots like Forpheus will be commonplace in all households.


Learn to Make Fun Robots

Your child could be the next inventor of training robots just like Forpheus. Our robotics summer STEAM camps for kids 7-9 and for kids 10 – 13 are a great way to introduce your child to the technical skills needed to build the future. Beginning at age 7, campers learn the basics such as programming, and robotics. These skills are the building blocks to educational paths in all aspects of engineering, robotics, and IT to name a few.


Most children aren’t exposed to robotics and programming languages until at least high school, if not college. And our approach includes a fun, hands-on, teamwork-style learning that inspires kids beyond just playing. Imagine the leg up your child could have in discovering their love for robotics so early. Leaving camp to continue to pursue their passion.