VIRTUAL CLUBS Check out our newly released virtual clubs, limited spots available!


VIRTUAL CLUBS Check out our newly released virtual clubs, limited spots available!

28 Jun

Robotics Technology for Kids and the World’s Tiniest Computer

What Is That Speck?   The World’s Tiniest Computer. See that really tiny black speck? That’s a computer! And that giant white rock next to it is actually a grain of rice… I know – mind BLOWN!   Measuring in at 0.04 cubic millimeters, this is officially the world’s tiniest computer. Now, you can’t play […]


19 Jul

Meet Forpheus, the Ping-Pong Playing Robot!

Robots can be fun too. Many people often think of robots as boring or tactical. However, Forpheus is the kind of robot you would want to have on your team.   Forpheus is a fun example of how robots can help improve human skills in tons of different tasks. It is a robotic ping-pong training […]


18 Jun

Machines Can Now Finish Rubik’s Cube Without a Human’s Help

The Rubik’s Cube, you may have solved one yourself or very likely at least seen someone else do it. Also, robot programs solve Rubik’s Cubes.   While programming a robot to solve a Rubik’s Cube is a challenging and amazing feat. That robot still needed the help of human-made algorithms to make all sides match. […]


23 Feb

Space Odyssey

Space Odyssey takes students on an astronaut adventure as they prepare to travel to outer space! Tapping into their Aerospace Engineer brains, kids experience a full space trip, from packing and planning, to take off (with a bubble powered rocket), to taking samples from planets, and how knowledge of space can help us as a […]


22 Feb

Code Breakers

In Code Breakers after school engineering club, kids get a glimpse into the world of security engineers, exploring everything from how computers talk to each other to how things we do, say and wear sends a message. Think about all of the information you share on social media or other internet outlets each day. Security […]


20 Feb

Maker M.D.

Kids go on an adventure through the human body and animal kingdom as they work to discover new ways to improve life for all living creatures in Maker M.D. Combining the subjects of engineering, environmental science and biology, students will create their own solution to medical challenges and quandaries in the eyes, joints, and even […]


19 Feb

Amazing Architects After-School Club

In Amazing Architects after-school club, kids explore our structurally engineered world through model builds and a pretend economy. Have you ever wondered what goes into designing a building or bridge? These structures used every day must be strong enough and efficient enough to get our tasks done. Each week, students learn, discuss, and think about […]


13 Feb

Makey Makey – A New Addition to Coding Camp

Classroom Antics is adding invention components from Makey Makey to our Computer Programming camp this summer. The entire curriculum has been refreshed and enhanced to include new electrical engineering concepts and hacks. We are accomplishing this using software programming in Scratch and hardware tools from Makey Makey. This tech camp really lets kids get creative with coding. […]


28 Apr

Kids Voluntarily Going to Summer School

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Original Press Release   Cleveland, OH – Over 1,700 kids in Ohio age 7-13 are voluntarily signing up for summer school to take 15 hours of class to learn science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) skills. Any parent who has ever struggled to get a child to complete homework may […]


7 Sep

STEM is the New Three R’s

In a world of twitter and texting, it is not uncommon to find creative abbreviations for large words or series of phrases. But in the case of STEM, it is an abbreviation for a very large concept.    STEM has become a common acronym, particularly among policy advocates and government officials, to refer to the […]